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Access to member benefits

Members benefit from free or discounted access to a range of CABI products and services including:

- Free access and discounts on a range of CABI information products

- Microbial identification services

Every Member country (with membership contributions in bands 1-4) is eligible for free access to CABI's information products and discounts on CABI's books, compendia and databases.

Free member country access via CAB Direct:

Direct orders by the Liaison Officer can also receive (subject to availability):

  • 25% discount on direct orders of all CABI books. Visit to browse our range of books covering the applied life sciences
  • up to 20% discount on direct orders of CABI Compendia

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As part of CABI’s benefits to our Member countries, we offer a free identification service of microbial samples. Based at CABI’s UK laboratories, we identify plant pathogenic fungi and bacteria that are agriculturally and horticulturally important, relate to food security and/ or plant health including quarantine organisms.

The UK is a signatory to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and a party to the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing. CABI operates in accordance with European legislation to implement these requirements. 

The service is available to CABI Member countries in bands 1-4 (i.e. those that have a UN Index Number between 0-0.999).

Those wishing to submit samples for identification to CABI from outside the UK, should check if their country is party to the CBD and the Nagoya Protocol and if so ensure compliance. Permission to send the material outside the country of origin should be obtained from the relevant national authority. Further details are available from:

Organizations eligible to benefit from the free service from CABI are:

  • National and regional agricultural research centres 
  • Government institutions for agriculture and food security
  • University departments that undertake agricultural research

The maximum number of microbial samples that may be submitted per qualifying institution
is 10 per year (with a maximum of five samples submitted at any one time).

This service is limited and we cannot accept potential human pathogens so for details, contact us at before sending your samples to us.

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