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Nutrition Knowledge Bank
  • The Nutrition Knowledge Bank is an open-access source of nutrition-related content in the form of factsheets and mobile messages. This content is developed with the aim of addressing knowledge gaps and improving behavioural practices to reduce malnutrition in the implementing countries of the mNutrition Initiative. This content builds on defined nutrition-sensitive agriculture pathways and nutrition-specific health interventions.
  • Factsheets are written in English, messages are written and available in a number of local languages and English. Note that you will require appropriate font plug-ins to read content in Bangla (font: SolaimanLipi), Burmese (font: Zawgyi-One), Urdu (font: Jameel Noori Nastaleeq), Sinhala (font: FM Malit) and Tamil (font: Kalaham). Also note that the English message scripts are often translated from local language, and aim to be as accurate to the local language version as possible, therefore may not appear to be in 'perfect' English. In addition, you may experience difficulty in viewing messages in Sinhala in Google Chrome, our recommendation is to view those messages via Internet Explorer.
  • Messages viewed in Excel in specific languages messages, may not appear correctly where characters are used. It is recommended that you view these messages in PDF.
  • The Nutrition Knowledge Bank is available to all interested parties; with the particular aim of being useful to mobile network operators who wish to repurpose content for mobile services. It is also of interest to governmental agricultural and health ministries, extension workers, community groups and development practitioners.
  • Please explore the content available on the Knowledge Bank by selecting a country to see what content is available. Content can be viewed and/or downloaded, however before downloading content you will be asked to register so that we can continue to improve the Nutrition Knowledge Bank in relation to your specific needs and uses of the portal and content.
  • Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details on use of content.
  • The Nutrition Knowledge bank is a product of the GSMA mNutrition Initiative funded with UK aid from the UK government.
  • The Nutrition Knowledge Bank makes every attempt to meet the W3 Accessibility Guidelines. However, if you experience any issues when viewing the content on the site, please try adding the site to your compatibility view settings, or use Google Chrome.