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Q1. What content is available on the Nutrition Knowledge Bank?

The Nutrition Knowledge Bank provides the following material to browse and download:

  • Factsheets: these are technical documents, which provide information on a combination of global and local level recommendations around a given intervention, process or management technique. They collate high-quality source material and present what is important to know in a clearly laid out structure. Factsheets are the base material on which subsequent messages are created. Factsheets are reviewed for technical accuracy, adherence to regulation and recommendations, and are validated by appropriate national nutrition, agriculture or health partners, such as government.
  • Documents: Two types of supporting documents are available on the Nutrition Knowledge Bank
    • System Documents- generalized documents such as guidelines, training material, specifications, general rules etc. These documents will be available to view or download in PDF only.
    • Reference Documents- specific to any information domain of any country and organization, publication on any crop, livestock, and intervention. These documents will be available to view or download in Word, Excel or PDF formats.
  • Text Messages (content for SMS): Content written to be used for sending SMS. The majority of these messages are 160 characters in length; however there is some variation on this depending on translations.
  • Voice Messages Content written as voice scripts, sometimes provided along with a recorded audio file for sending voice calls (OBD) or for hosting on an IVR mobile service.

Q2. How can I download Messages?

  • Individual message download: An individual text/voice message script can be downloaded in Excel or PDF formats by clicking on the respective icons to the right hand side of each message. 
  • Bulk message download: Multiple messages can be selected for bulk download by clicking on ‘Export All’ button within the green search box of any list of filtered messages. On selecting this button, all listed messages will be exported as an excel file with an option to open or save. 
  • Multiple message download: User can add individual messages to a cart by clicking on the cart icon to the right of each chosen message. Messages in the cart will be counted and shown at the top of the list of messages. On downloading the cart, the messages will appear in Excel format in an extractable zip file.


Q3. How can I download audio files corresponding to the voice message scripts? 

Audio files are available to be played only; they cannot be downloaded.

Q4. Who would be interested in the content on the Nutrition Knowledge Bank?

The Nutrition Knowledge Bank is available to all interested parties; with the particular aim of being useful to mobile network operators who wish to repurpose content for mobile services. It is also of interest to governmental agricultural and health ministries, extension workers, community groups and development practitioners.

Q5. What are the legal limits to use or download the content from the Nutrition Knowledge Bank?

Before downloading content, you will be asked to register. On doing so, you will be asked to accept the terms of content use. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details on use of content.