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Information for Distributors

Information for Distributors

This site has been designed for use by our distributors and provides useful up-to-date information on products and services, including price lists, brochures and sales documentation.

To use this site you do need to have a username and password if you do not have this to hand please contact the sales department at

CABI's Distributor Website has been designed to help anyone who is promoting and selling CABI Publishing products and services, including databases, internet services, journals or books.

Through the various links to the left, you will find the latest leaflets, brochures and price lists for the full range of CABI Publishing products and services as well as additional, background information provided in the "Distributor's Pack". In addition to this material, you will find a range of training and presentation aids to help you better understand and demonstrate the many electronic services. These training aids may also be offered, free-of-charge, to current or prospective customers.

Finally, the FAQ section should provide answers to many of those regularly asked questions so, if you have any questions, please do send them to

Key information

Distributors Price List 2017 (pdf)
Trial Usernames and Passwords Q4 2017 (xls)
Overview of CrossRef (pdf)


Product sales notes

Fulltext Journal Coverage in Global Health (pdf)

CAB Abstracts sales briefing notes (pdf)

CAB Abstracts / Biosis comparison (pdf)

Global Health sales briefing notes (pdf)

Leisure Tourism sales briefing notes (pdf)

Global Health Crib Sheet 2015 (pdf)

Leisure Tourism Crib Sheet 2015 (pdf)

NFSD Crib Sheet 2015 (pdf)


Sales Presentations & updates

Crop Protection Compendia - update 2007 (Word Document)

CAB eBooks presentation

CAB Abstracts environmental coverage (PowerPoint)

CAB Abstracts records on Google (PowerPoint)

CAB Abstracts - Customer updates 2015 (PowerPoint)

CAB Abstracts - Prospects 2015 (PowerPoint)

Global Health - Prospects 2015 (PowerPoint)

NFSD - Customer Updates 2015 (PowerPoint)



We have put together a host of promotional materials for our publishing products which you can download. Please follow this link to go directly to the promotional items page.

Below provides links to the latest training videos for you to use should you need to conduct training on CABI products. Our training team at CABI can also deliver a range of training options to your customers. For full information on our training service view CABI's training brochure or visit our training page for the a full range of training resources.


For more information on training resources, please contact Amy Lodowski-Hilsdon at

Training videos

CAB Abstracts (on new CAB Direct) - Simple searching

PDF logo CAB Direct training videos

CAB Abstracts (on new CAB Direct) - Advanced searching

PDF logo CAB Direct training videos

CAB Abstracts (on new CAB Direct) - Refining results using facets

  CAB Direct training videos

CAB Abstracts (on new CAB Direct) - Selecting and exporting records

  CAB Direct training videos

CAB Abstracts (on new CAB Direct) - Finding similar records

  CAB Direct training videos

CAB Abstracts (on new CAB Direct) - Highlighting and annotating

  CAB Direct training videos

CAB Direct Quick Guide (for new CAB Direct) 

PDF logo  

Horticultural Science (NEW!)

PDF logo  



Q:  Does the Ovid search platform offer access to the CAB Thesaurus and, if so, how is it used.

A:  The CAB Thesaurus, on the Ovid search platform, is found under the “Search Tools” icon on the Advanced Search page.  This takes you to the “Select a Tool to View” page, where you will find three options to search the Thesaurus along with an option to browse/search the CABICODEs.  Select the “Permuted Index” option, type in a single search term, such as Nitrogen, and then click the “Perform Search” button.  This will display a page that shows all the Thesaurus terms that contain the search term (this is the Permuted Index) and, for each of these terms, it shows all the related Thesaurus terms.  You can select terms to search by checking the “Select Term(s)” check box to the left of the term. In addition to checking the “Select Term(s)” check box, you can also check the “Explode” check box.  By doing this, the resulting search will search for the main term (e.g. Nitrogen) plus all its Narrower Terms from the Thesaurus.  Once you have selected all the terms of interest, simply click the “continue” button to execute the search.

From the Permuted Index screen, you can also drill down in to the Thesaurus by clicking on any term of interest.  This will then show a hierarchical Thesaurus entry, for the term of interest, along with Broader and Narrower Terms one level up and one level down.  Again, you can check the boxes for the term(s) you want to search and you can use the Explode function to include all the Narrower Terms in your search.  Terms in the Thesaurus may have several levels of Narrower Terms below them.  Clicking the “Explode” check box will search for all the levels of Narrower Terms.  If, for example, you don’t wish to search for Nitrogen fertilizers and all its Narrower terms but, instead, you want only Ammonium Fertilizers plus its Narrower terms, simply click on the term “Ammonium Fertilizers” to display its hierarchy, and continue as described above, using the Explode function if required.

Ovid also make use of the CAB Thesaurus through the "Map Term to Subject Heading" function that is available from the Advanced Search screen as a check box.  If this box is checked then, each time you search for a term, you are presented with an intermediate search page that lists all the terms from the Thesaurus that contain the search term entered.  This screen can be used in the same way as the Thesaurus search tool detailed above.  Note: If you search for multi-word phrases, the list of choices will be much smaller and, if your search term is not a Thesaurus term, you do get some very strange terms in the displayed list,.  The mapping function is a very useful feature suggesting additional terms that you may want to include in your search strategy.

Q:  If a user has CAB Direct, do they need to take Global Health as well? 

A: At the moment, the CAB Direct service provides access to a single, combined database that incorporates CAB ABSTRACTS and Global Health. If they lease CAB Direct, they wouldn't need Global Health as well. However, if they are only interested in the Medical/Human Health data, we do make Global Health available as a separate database for a lower fee. Global Health uses the same search software as CAB Direct.

Q:  What is CABI's policy on remote access? 

A: Remote access is automatically included with any network lease of a CABI Internet service. However, remote access is strictly limited to dial-in access by enrolled students and/or permanent staff belonging to the subscribing Institution.

Q:  Does CABI offer unlimited access pricing? 

A:  Yes we do, but it is not generally advertised. Requests for unlimited access should be discussed with the appropriate CABI Regional Manager before any quotes are given.

CABI uses COUNTER 4 usage statistics meaning we are COUNTER compliant. The following reports are available.


Books Report 1 (BR1): Number of Successful Title Requests by Month and Title

Books Report 2 (BR2): Number of Successful Section Requests by Month and Title                          

Database Report 1 (DB1): Total Searches, Result Clicks and Record Views by Month and Database

Database Report 2 (DB2): Access Denied by Month, Database and Category                                       

Journal Report 1 (JR1): Number of Successful Full -Text Article Requests by Month and Journal 

Journal Report 5 (JR5): Number of Successful Full - Text Article Requests by Year of Publication (YOP) and Journal

Platform Report 1 (PR1): Total Searches, Result Clicks and Record Views by Month and Platform

Title Report 3 (TR3): Number of Successful Item Requests by Month, Title and Page Type


To access the reports please go to and sign in using the credentials you have been provided with. To request your credentials, please email

To view our COUNTER 4 FAQs, please click here: COUNTER 4 FAQs

If you have any further questions regarding the reports please contact us at or your regional sales manager.