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Global Health Hot Topics

Global Health Hot Topics

CABI's Global Health database comprehensively covers hot topics that matter.

We regularly select content linked to a hot topic, to bring you key research and information on issues of interest, making them open access for a few weeks. We hope you find this FREE access to CABI's Global Health database of use!  

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Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is seen as central to improving health systems, improving economies, and ensuring global health security. What’s covered under universal health care in one country is not the same as another - although there are agreed basics, the essential health services to deliver “health for all”.

Universal Health Coverage themed open access records

* not in PubMed
~ Fulltext hosted by CABI 

* The equity fund in Senegal: An analysis of the mechanisms of health insurance for the poor and their prospects for universal health coverage. Africa Development / Afrique et Developpement 2017 Vol.42 No.1 pp.9-31 ref.18; Read more >>>

* Early effects of the Affordable Care Act on health care access, risky health behaviors, and self-assessed health. Southern Economic Journal 2018 Vol.84 No.3 pp.660-691 ref.many; Read more >>>

* The effects of young adult-dependent coverage and contraception mandates on young women. Contemporary Economic Policy 2018 Vol.36 No.1 pp.73-92 ref.35; Read more >>>

* Crowding out of solidarity? Public health insurance versus informal transfer networks in Ghana. World Development (Oxford) 2018 Vol.104 pp.212-221 ref.34; Read more >>>

* Rising healthcare costs and universal health coverage in India: an analysis of national sample surveys, 1986-2014. Working Paper - Gujarat Institute of Development Research, Ahmedabad 2017 No.246 pp.iii + 43 pp. ref.many; Read more >>>

* Domesticating insurance, financializing family lives: the case of private health insurance for children in Finland. Cultural Studies 2017 Vol.31 No.5 pp.685-711 ref.63; Read more >>>

* Health spending at a time of low economic growth and fiscal constraint. South African Health Review 2017 Vol.2017 pp.25-39 ref.33; Read more >>>

~ An experience of optimizing a community-based micro-insurance model to bridge the gap between treatment cost and ability to pay at BPKIHS. JNMA, Journal of the Nepal Medical Association 2017 Vol.56 No.205 pp.189-193 ref.8; Read more >>> 

~ Chartbook: trends in rural children's health and access to care 2017 16 pp. ref.5. South Carolina Rural Health Research Center, USA; Read more >>>

~* Does the establishment of Universal Health Coverage drive the foundation of postgraduate education for primary care physicians? Medical Journal of Indonesia 2017 Vol.26 No.2 pp.141-151 ref.159; Read more >>> 

Global travel and trading of goods, people living in densely populated places and coming into closer contact with wildlife all contribute to the emergence of new disease threats. In the last decade we have experienced epidemics of Zika virus, Chikungunya and H1N1 flu - what’s next? The Global Health Security Agenda partnership between 64 nations aims to build capacity to keep the world safe from new threats by improving prevention, detection and response.

Emerging infectious diseases themed open access records

* not in PubMed
~ Fulltext hosted by CABI 

* Influenza A(H7N9) virus in China. Implications for public health. Seventh update, 3 July 2017 2017 pp.15 pp. ref.58  European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Stockholm : Sweden; Read more >>>

* Unprepared: global health in a time of emergency. University of California Press, Oakland, USA 2017 pp.240 pp; Read more >>>

~ Preventive behaviors by the level of perceived infection sensitivity during the Korea outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in 2015. Epidemiology and Health 2016 Vol.38. pp.e2016051 ref.21; Read more >>>

*~ Full genome characterization of beta-CoV viruses related to Middle East respiratory syndrome from two bats in Europe with NGS. XVII Congresso Nazionale S.I.Di.L.V., Pacengo di Lazise (VR), Italia, 28-30 settembre 2016 2016 pp.87-88 ref.5; Read more >>>

*~ Chikungunya infection in infants. Revista Brasileira de Saúde Materno Infantil 2016 Vol.16 No.Suppl. 1 pp.S63-S71 (En), S73-S81 (Pt) ref.22; Read more >>> 

The African Zika virus MR-766 is more virulent and causes more severe brain damage than current Asian lineage and dengue virus. Development (Cambridge) 2017 Vol.144 No.22 pp.4114-4124; Read more >>>

The investigation of an outbreak of acute respiratory infection caused by human adenovirus type 4. Chinese Journal of Virology 2017 Vol.33 No.6 pp.920-925 ref.15; Read more >>>

Enablers of innovation in digital public health surveillance: lessons from Flutracking. International Health (RSTMH) 2017 Vol.9 No.3 pp.145-147 ref.14; Read more >>>

Occurrence of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) across the Gulf Corporation Council countries: four years update. PLoS ONE 2017 Vol.12 No.10 pp.e0183850; Read more >>>

* Dengue, Chikunguña and Zika in Colombia 2015-2016. Revista MVZ Cordoba 2017 Vol.22 No.Suppl. pp.5994-6003; Read more >>>

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